Face Shield

Face Shield

Below is what we have been up to. Please let us know if you spot any holes... we would love to know, and fill them ASAP. Use the comments section below ... i will be monitoring them.


We are taking a two-pronged approach:

Mass-produced: This is based on a really cool design by our friends over in Wisconsin. We prototyped this internally first, and then with the local supplier Whitebird. Our colleagues in the hospital found the foam "headband" to be very very useful as it provides for a much nicer fit than the hard plastic that is used by some other sites.

3D printed: We fine-tuned a widely circulated design, and estimate that we can produce about a 100 per day if we use all the 3D printers on campus that are easily accessible. We will publish the STL files and other words of wisdom here soon.


The 3D printed prototype, as donned by it's co-creator, our very own Mike Noseworthy
The mass-produced faceshield by Whitebird, donned by a cardboard hexagonal prism.


We delivered prototypes to our seasoned tester, who also happens to be a seasoned ICU physician (name witheld for now). They found the variants with the foam headbands to be a better fit as it is more snug on the head. Other than that, we are yet to determine if there are any specific standardized testing requirements.


Whitebird has started producing face shields up to 65,000 shields/day.

Supply Chain/Buyer

The face shields are in the market now and Hamilton Health Sciences is one of the buyers.

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